Dr. Puchta Completes Quantum Energetics Training

     On Sunday, August 16, Dr. Puchta graduated from his training in Quantum Energetics! This marked the completion of 300 hours of training that began in May of 2008. In May of 2009, Dr. Puchta traveled to Wisconsin to be instructed by and also observe his instructor, Riesa Liebergen, practice in her clinic. While there, he also observed and was instructed by Dr. Bernie Finch, a chiropractor who has been instrumental in the development and progression of Quantum Energetics.

    “Quantum Energetics really fills in the gaps for what I could not previously do very well to diagnose and treat various health problems,” said Dr. Puchta. “I have been very blessed to receive this training, and also the associated training in the use of nutritional products. It is wonderful to be able to help more people in more ways.”

    Quantum Energetics is a type of energy work that enables people to heal faster and more completely from health problems. To learn more, please ask at our office for the handout on Quantum Energetics.


Swine Flu - What Do We Do? (Part 2)(September 2009 Newsletter)

     In our May 2009 newsletter, Dr. Puchta gave recommendations for staying healthy enough so that you will hopefully not get the swine flu even if you are exposed to it.  It would also be wise to have some good infection-fighting products on hand, just in case you or someone in your family does contract the swine flu (or any flu virus). For dealing with swine flu, Dr. Puchta’s QE instructor, Riesa Liebergen, recommends having several bottles of Nature’s Sunshine Silver Shield liquid on hand (you might need 1 to 2 bottles per day), and also several bottles of Nature’s Sunshine VS-C viral immune formula. You would likely need to take both products at the same time. Dr. Puchta can test you for the proper amounts for you to use, if the need should arise.
Swine Flu – What Do We Do? (May 2009 Newsletter)
            The news stories about swine flu have many people wondering how they can prevent getting swine flu, and what they would do if they or their family members became sick with swine flu. Our immune systems are destroying nasty organisms all the time (and we don’t even know it)! It’s only when the population of nasty organisms in our bodies overwhelms our immune systems, that we actually get sick with an infection (viral, bacterial, or whatever). It’s usually a case of our immune systems not being healthy enough to handle the critters, rather than the critters being especially powerful.    
   Here are some things you can do to boost the function of your immune system, so you are less likely to get any sort of infection, including swine flu:
·         Stay tuned up chiropractically (get adjusted regularly). A study from National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, Illinois, found that disease-fighting white blood cell counts were higher just 15 minutes after chiropractic adjustment of the spine. A similar study investigated the immune system response in HIV-positive patients under chiropractic care. In the group that received six months of chiropractic adjustments, there was a 48 percent increase in white blood cell counts. In the group that did not receive chiropractic adjustments, the white blood cell count went down 7.96 percent.
·         Get QE treatments at our office. As you progress through the QE sequence, the function of certain portions of your brain associated with your immune system will be improved.
·         Get plenty of rest.
·         Get plenty of appropriate exercise.
·         Eat high quality foods. Include lots of “live” foods, such as raw vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fruits.
·         Don’t eat more food than you need. 
Our bodies are taxed when they have to deal with more food than they need.
·         Take high quality food supplements. This helps insure that we are getting all the vitamins and minerals we need for optimum health. I would be glad to give you my recommendations, or test you at my office to determine which supplements are good for you.
·         Take some herbs or homeopathic products that specifically boost the immune system. I can test you at my office for what products would be especially helpful for you.
·         Live at peace. Our attitudes affect everything about us, including our immune systems.
·         Get a massage. This is especially helpful if you can’t exercise much, or if your life is quite stressful.
·         Reflexology. This is something I include in my treatments quite often. 
Just ask if you would like some done.
   When it comes to swine flu, I recommend that you take typical precautions such as washing your hands often, eating finger foods only when your hands are clean, avoid rubbing your eyes or putting your fingers in your mouth or nose if they are not washed or disinfected, etc. I also recommend that you pay attention to what is being learned about this strain of flu, and what our public health officials recommend. Some of their recommendations may be worth doing.
   I hope these recommendations help you live more healthfully. Have a wonderful month of May!
          Dr. Rick Puchta
Spotlight on Products – Digestive Aids (March 2009 Newsletter)
    At our class this month, one of the topics that will be covered is “The 4 R’s for Restoring the Gut” (by the way, “gut” refers to your intestines). These four R’s are: Remove, Replace, Reinoculate, and Repair. Some of the substances that can be Replaced when they are lacking, are hydrochloric acid and enzymes. Two of the Nature’s Sunshine products that do this are “PDA Combination”, and “Food Enzymes”. Both of these products are sold in our office, and Dr. Puchta can determine which is better for you and the amounts to take.   Here is some information from Nature’s Sunshine about these products:
    PDA Combination supplements the body’s digestive secretions with hydrochloric acid (HCl). The stomach manufactures hydrochloric acid to break down proteins. But, as people age, they may produce less HCl, which can affect the amount of protein they can break down and ultimately absorb.   Inefficient protein digestion can affect the viability of the intestinal flora that feast on these compounds.
    Each capsule of PDA provides 325 mg of betaine HCl, supplying diluted hydrochloric acid, and 20 mg of pepsin, a natural protein-digesting enzyme.
Food Enzymes
•Supplements the body’s production of important enzymes.
•Provides a blend of enzymes to digest proteins, carbohydrates and fats.
•Provides hydrochloric acid and bile salts to help digest proteins and fats.
•Helps prevent or relieve occasional indigestion.

    Food Enzymes is a key product for the digestive system.  Foods require processing (digestion), and enzymes are able to break down food compounds for absorption into the bloodstream.  A number of different enzymes are needed to deal with differing food compounds.  Some of these are produced by the body, some are found in foods.  However, many processed foods lack the enzymes needed for proper digestion.
    This formulation supplements the body’s production of digestive enzymes, and those enzymes found in the diet. Taking this product with meals will support the body’s digestion of protein, carbohydrates and fats.  One capsule will help you digest a minimum of 30 grams of protein, 30 grams of carbohydrates and 20 grams of fats.
Take care of your body with steadfast fidelity. The soul must see through these eyes alone, and if they are dim, the whole world is clouded.
            Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749-1832) German poet, novelist and dramatist.       
A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools.
            Spanish proverb



   Thanks for telling your friends, family members, co-workers, and others you know about the ways that we help people at Total Health Chiropractic. Our heart’s desire is to assist children and adults to improve their health so significantly that they are able to live more vibrant, healthy, and joy-filled lives. Thank you for helping us!



New Features on our Website  (January 2009)

    There are some neat, new features on our website that you may not have seen yet. These can help us understand chiropractic better, and be an excellent aid for communicating the usefulness of chiropractic to a friend or family member.
    Go to www.total-healthchiropractic.com, click on “Wellness Library”, click on “Subluxation”, then click on “Explained”, or “Degeneration”, or “Nerve Chart”. Each of these sections now has animated graphics to help us better understand what a subluxation is and does. Be sure to move your cursor over the graphics to activate some of the animation. I especially like the “Nerve Chart” – click on a vertebra and you will see what part of the body is affected by a subluxation of that vertebra.
    The other sections under “Wellness Library” also have great information. I especially like the “Ask the Experts” section with short videos of chiropractors answering questions about chiropractic. Under the “About Us” heading is a section of testimonials by some of our patients that you and your friends will find encouraging. These testimonials give us hope that our health challenges can significantly improve.
Ways to Deal With Financial Stress (January 2009)
    We are all affected by the sagging economy nowadays. Here are some recommendations for handling economic challenges as well as possible.
·        Talk to God. God knows exactly what you are going through and He cares deeply for you. He loves for you to talk with Him and pour out your heart to Him. And He loves to help you with what you need most.
·        Read the Bible. Money is a very common topic in the Bible. Study what the Bible says about money, about trusting God, and about how to manage money and your time and abilities. There are also great books by Larry Burkett and by Dave Ramsey on biblical principles of money management that can be very helpful.
·        Use a spending plan. A spending plan (sometimes called a “budget”) is a wise way to plan out and manage your money. Creating a spending plan will show you the realities of your financial situation, so that you can make good choices. Using a good spending plan can actually free you from a lot of financial stress.
·        Exercise regularly, in ways that are wise for you.
·        Get plenty of sleep.
·        Get some good rest (relaxation, recuperation) every day.
·        Eat good foods in appropriate amounts (including high quality food supplements).
·        Communicate with anyone to whom you owe money when you are uncertain whether you can make your full payments.  Although you may feel ashamed, or just keep hoping that things will get better soon, it’s best to communicate truthfully with those you are indebted to, before the payments are due.
·        Ask for help with any of the above items, when needed.
Pass It On, Please (January 2009)
   Remember how glad you have been when someone told you about a doctor, or dentist, or auto mechanic, or restaurant that you then tried out and were very pleased with? We ask that you please tell your friends, family, co-workers, and others about the work that we do at Total Health Chiropractic. There are so many people who do not realize that there are gentle techniques of chiropractic, or that chiropractic and the other types of work we do here can help with so many different health problems. You could be the messenger that starts a chain of events that could dramatically improve someone’s quality and length of life! Our goal is to assist as many children and adults as possible with their health, so that they are able to live more vibrant, exuberantly healthy, and joy-filled lives. Thank you for helping us!
Healthy for the Holidays   (November 2008)
We are quickly approaching a very busy time of year. I encourage you to do several things to help you stay healthy through the holiday season and the remainder of the winter. These are: 
·        Get regular chiropractic care. Your nervous system and energy fields “run the show” when it comes to how your body functions.
·        Eat wisely. Overeating or binging on sweets will drag you down.
·        Get plenty of sleep and rest. Pace yourself wisely, and say “no” to some activities.
·        Exercise. It boosts your immune function.
·        Take vitamin and mineral supplements daily, and possibly some herbal products specially formulated to help boost immunity. We will be glad to recommend supplements and herbal products—just ask us. Wouldn’t it be great to go all winter without any colds or flus!
There are so many things to be thankful for in our lives! I thank you for allowing me the privilege of assisting you with your health.   I hope that you will make time to be thankful at this special season, and that you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!