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Migraines, Neck, and Arms

The reason that I started chiropractic care was because I had chronic migraines and neck pain and difficulties with my back and arms (numbness and possible carpal tunnel symptoms) for a very long time.  I also had some problems with my memory and with scalp pain.

The migraines would shut my life completely down.  I had nausea as well.  At times my back would “catch”, leaving me unable to move.  My physical activity was extremely limited and because of my neck and arm problems I had to stop driving a manual-shift vehicle (which ended up being quite expensive for me).

Other methods of chiropractic that I had experienced did not have any lasting results.  I took Tylenol daily in extreme doses to control the pain (this was very bad for me—the school nurse at work told me I was causing kidney strain because of it).

My previous attitude towards chiropractic was positive, yet none of the treatments were lasting—they seemed to only address symptoms and not the cause.

I have made great progress since starting care with Dr. Puchta.  I am physically able to do so much more.  The migraines are rare anymore.  My back is not a problem and my neck is getting stronger. Plus I feel stronger structurally and have learned how to listen more to my body and heed the signals it sends me.  I am noticing that my hips, back, and neck/head are getting stronger.  I am taller, or at least I feel taller.

Since Dr. Puchta began “Cranial Nerve” treatments with his light therapy device, I find my arms are stonger, and as a sign language interpreter this is EXTEMELY IMPORTANT to me.  Also, my scalp pain is lessening, and I have more clarity of thought.

The care I have received at Total Health Chiropractic has really affected my total health: mental, physical, and spiritual as Tarah and Dr. Puchta pray for me when I need it, too.  I cannot recommend strongly enough the positive results and experience I have received from gentle chiropractic care.  If I could tell everyone to see Dr. Puchta, I would.  I DO tell people because I want to see others healthy and strong like I am.  Total Health Chiropractic is a great blessing!

~Toni C.

Relief from low back pain

I began chiropractic care because I had severe pain in my lower back that made it impossible for me to continue my normal daily activities.  Since I am the primary care provider for my parents, I needed help so that I could move, but I was reluctant to get the necessary help for fear of even more pain. 

I had experienced on-going difficulties for years, but extreme difficulty with the lower back for 3 ½ years.  At its worst the pain was totally disabling—I could barely move.  It kept me from doing almost everything.  Getting dressed was a major thing.  All this pain made me depressed and frightened. 

To deal with the pain I took pain medication and muscle relaxers that merely contributed to my difficulties.  Other chiropractic treatment helped in time, but only to a point.  The weakness and discomfort never completely went away and I was limited in what I could do before the pain returned. 

My previous experiences with other chiropractic treatments were often painful and frightening—I resisted going to a chiropractor again for that very reason until a friend referred me to Dr. Puchta.  Since beginning care with Dr. Puchta, the pain in my lower back is gone—for the first time in almost 4 years!  I am able to bend, twist, and lift without pain or tightening in my lower back.  The unexpected benefit that I have experienced under Dr. Puchta’s care is the emotional benefit--I feel hopeful that I am regaining my energy and physical strength and endurance.  I realize now how much I had “given up”. 

I have also learned that good chiropractic treatments can be kind and gentle.  Dr. Puchta and Tarah are upbeat and caring.  I get the feeling they are sincerely happy for me and concerned about helping me regain my health.  I trust them and feel encouraged by them. 
~Meridel B.

I began Chiropractic care because I didn’t want to end up like my mother-in-law, with a fused cervical spine and living in pain.

I had been experiencing neck pain and back pain for 30+ years. At it’s worst, I was losing feeling and mobility in my lower extremities and was in constant pain. I was told that I would end up in a wheelchair. I had also been experiencing extreme jaw pain.

Throughout my life I have gone to chiropractors on and off, all with average to good results. I would have temporary relief of pain and some long-term improvement, but then I would stop going and relapse.

 I have made progress since beginning chiropractic care with Dr. Puchta. I am more loose, more relaxed, I sleep better, I am straighter, feel more balanced, feel younger, and have much less pain. I also have less knee pain, less headaches, and improved horse riding skills (more balanced and relaxed-my horses thank you). My whole attitude of life is more relaxed and balanced. Female problems have improved, Crohn’s disease symptoms have dramatically lessened. I have gotten off most of my prior medications.

Dr. Puchta treats the whole person and whole lifestyle, not just symptoms.

~Robyn R.

I started Chiropractic care because of an auto accident that injured my neck and shoulder.

I had experienced these problems for about a year or so, then it became somewhat chronic. At its worst, the pain was continuous and annoying in my neck and left shoulder! Many nights I could not get comfortable enough to sleep well.

My previous experience with chiropractic was neither good nor bad. Past treatment’s provided significant relief for my back, neck and shoulder.

Since beginning chiropractic care I have had overall improvements in health and noticeable improvement in the troubled shoulder area, neck and back.

Side benefits I have experienced are overall improvements in all areas of health and well-being. I have more energy, less "drag" as a result of pains being reduced.

This office is very caring, fun, and enjoyable to visit—yet it is very professional!

~Brent L.

I started chiropractic care because it was my last chance. I had already seen specialists and had experimental surgery and was sent home to die. In 1993 I went to the Mayo Clinic because no one knew what to do with me.

I was a normal functioning adult but when a spell would hit- I experienced a "cheap drunk" in a matter of seconds. I was unable to walk without help and I was sick violently and the only thing to do was to lie down and not to move a muscle. In 2000 I had a total breakdown. I was unable to do anything and needed help getting in and out of bed, using the bathroom, and getting dressed.

My previous experience with Chiropractic was that I felt better and more in control, but after a stint was put in the carotid artery the chiropractor would not do anything for danger of causing more problems. I am thankful that he referred me to Dr. Puchta. My past treatments (before Dr. Puchta) were the typical treatment of "snapping bones" and the use of heat and moisture. I worked in kinesology for several years and was able to help many people, but when I was unable to think straight I was unable to help myself.

The progress I have made since beginning Chiropractic care is that my mind is once more functioning. I can remember things and can calculate like a computer a little bit again. My talking and writing skills are improving all the time.

I am slowly getting my life back again—the key word is slowly, but by sticking with the program I feel my body will heal and I will be complete again. This year I actually did some yard work—something I haven’t done since the summer of 1999.

I have had many ups and downs and I have known that Dr. Puchta and his wife Linda and the office help are all there for me. "Thank you" just does not truly express how I feel.

~Glenna F.

I brought my 12-week-old baby Jazmyne in because she had colic. She had been experiencing colic ever since she was born. Jazmyne would cry and vomit all day long and she had to constantly be held. This made keeping my house clean, going anywhere, or getting any sleep very difficult. I had no idea that babies could go to the chiropractor until I stopped in one day and asked Dr. Puchta. Almost immediately after getting chiropractic adjustments, Jazmyne started sleeping 6-8 hours through the night, so I am now able to sleep. I have been able to put her down long enough to clean the house and do the laundry. She does not go through as many clothes and burpers anymore either. My life is now simpler and everything is not centered on an upset and crying baby all the time, but is now centered on a smiley, happy baby and it is wonderful! Dr. Puchta and Tarah have been wonderful and are willing to work with me. They are extremely nice and make me feel welcome and comfortable.

~Jamie (mother)

I have had a lot of back trouble since my late teens. I also used to come down with every sickness that was going around. There were times when I was in so much pain in my lower back that I could not stand up, which made life hard and not any fun. I also experienced excessive emotional upset and felt stressed out a good portion of the time.

I used to go to the Chiropractor when I was in pain and could not function and then when I felt better I would stop until I hurt myself again. It was like a vicious cycle.

I have been in Dr. Puchta’s care now for over a year and my back has not gone out on me for a year. I have changed my diet from processed and fast foods to food that are whole and alive and have started exercising regularly. I do not get migraines anymore and emotionally I am much more stable. My life now is enjoyable and my faith and trust in God has grown. My vitality is much stronger now and I have not been sick for 6 months. I now look forward to the future and what God is doing in my life and the lives of those around me.

I believe that the pathway to healing for me is through Chiropractic, Homeopathic Remedies, emotional work, diet and exercise.

~Megan P.

I started Chiropractic care because of my back, lack of energy, and depression. I had experienced these problems for a long time. At worst, it seemed life threatening at times. I lost a lot of my zest for things I used to enjoy. Life was a chore.

My previous experience with chiropractic was good. Past treatment’s provided good results.

Since beginning chiropractic care with Dr. Puchta I have made amazing progress. Side benefits I have experienced are that I don’t have nearly as much lower back pain. My energy has returned most of the time. My depression is almost entirely gone. My zest for things has returned.

Both Dr. Puchta and Tarah are very kind and helpful. How do you measure your health? When it’s better, life is good!

~Barbara L.